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Enjoy a piece of NZ on your wall, a Creative Hero and world exclusive NZ paint by number.  The Ruru has a few names!  Morepork or Tasmanian spotted owl, is a small brown owl found throughout NZ and Tasmania.  It is often heard in the forest at dusk and throughout the night.  Difficulty: 4/5


The photo of this sleepy un-impressed fella was taken by Amanda Beets in broad daylight on Tiritiri Matangi Island, Auckland, which is one of New Zealand's oldest island sanctuaries


We really hope you enjoy painting this, because we enjoyed creating it for you!



Magnetic Poster Frame:

Our picture hangers make it easy for you to display your works of art and constantly swap out what's on display without damaging your pieces.  Add a black (teak sold out) magnetic picture hanger to your order for only an extra $18.  Save $4 as the frames are $22 each if you buy without a painting.


DIY Stretched Canvas Frame:

The other framing option is our DIY stretched frame kit for only $18 ($20 if you purchase without a painting).  This DIY kit is easy to use and allows you to transform your painting into a professionally presented artwork with a taut, wrinkle-free canvas stretched over a sturdy wooden frame, creating a polished and gallery-ready appearance.  The process pictures are shown in photos above, and video will be added to our "education" page on our website


We are a small NZ business - we have stock available and courier out from Auckland - you don't need to wait to start loving your new painting!


Out of Stock
  • 1x pre-numbered high quality canvas - sized 50cmx40cm

    1x set of numbered acrylic based pottles of paint

    4x wooden brushes - large, medium & 2x small

    Gorgeous packaging which includes instructions

  • Lay your canvas flat, organise your paints, then paint each numbered section with the corresponding number labelled on the paint pottle.

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