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We have a number of these designs where the paints have just expired quicker than they should have.  We have not gone through all the paints to see what they are like, so we are selling as though they are all in a bad way - you may start the painting and find majority of them are ok.  But if they aren't it is a good challenge to use up some excess paint you have to develop your own colour pallette :)  Have fun with it!



* Numbered Canvas

* Full set of *expired* paints

* Set of paint brushes

* Guide picture


* Boxed packaging

* Will not come rolled - will be folded


Difficulty 3/5


We are a small NZ business - we have stock available and courier out from Auckland - you don't need to wait to start loving your new painting!

Heart Tree {paints compromised}

  • 1x pre-numbered high quality canvas - sized 50cmx40cm

    Set of 3 brushes

    Guide Picture

  • Lay your canvas flat, organise your paints, then paint each numbered section with the corresponding number labelled on the paint pottle.

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